Operation Safe Escape Developing OPSEC Program for DV Shelters and Safe Houses

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Operation Safe Escape has completed the first step in creating a comprehensive Operations Security (OPSEC) program for domestic violence shelters and safe houses. This program (which, like all of our programs and tools, will be available for free) is designed to help our partners and allies better protect their staff, clients, and locations.
OPSEC is a five-step process designed to identify which information needs to be protected, the vulnerabilities that may compromise it, and develop effective countermeasures that address the specific threat. It’s a process that works, and one that has been used to protect business ventures, military operations, neighborhoods, and much more. The techniques and tools that are a part of the process have been proven effective against all manner of threats. However, this is the first program intended to optimize the process for domestic violence shelters and safe houses and provide everything needed to easily and effectively implement a program.

During the American Revolution, George Washington once said, “Even minutiae should have a place in our collection, for things of a seemingly trifling nature, when enjoined with others of a more serious cast, may lead to valuable conclusion.” In other words, we can’t overlook even the smallest details because our adversaries are always watching. By protecting our information, we protect our people. “OPSEC is about risk,” adds OSE Director Chris Cox. “We brought together some of the most experienced OPSEC subject matter experts in the world to help solve this problem, and we’re looking forward to making this available to those that need it most.”

Operation Safe Escape will always seek out new opportunities to protect vulnerable individuals and their allies. This is one more component in the effort to make sure everyone is free from abuse, safe in their relationships, and free to choose their own destiny.