• Duress Codes and How to Use Them
    Duress Codes can be an effective tool in awareness, defense, and escape In the 1968 Star Trek episode Bread and Circuses, Captain Kirk uses duress codes when he is captured by a previously unknown civilization that modeled itself on Earth’s ancient Rome. Worse, a former Starfleet captain is leading the civilization, so he’s wary when…
  • OPSEC History and OSE
    The NSA’s declassified 2024 report sheds new light on the history of Operations Security (OPSEC), revealing its transition from a military protocol to a tool for safeguarding against domestic violence and other personal threats. Originally part of the Vietnam War-era “Purple Dragon” project, the document details how OPSEC evolved to address broader security concerns. Key revelations include the misattribution of mission failures to communication security issues and the development of counterintelligence efforts to address these vulnerabilities. This historical analysis underscores OPSEC’s enduring relevance in both military and civilian applications.
  • Survivors, Why don’t they just leave?
    For survivors, leaving an abusive relationship can be complex, challenging, and even dangerous. But once in a while, people looking in from the outside don’t fully understand the challenges survivors face when making such an important decision. Advice or comments like “Why don’t you just leave?” or “Just get a divorce” might seem to make…
  • National Be an Angel Day is TODAY!!!!!!
    Someone you know is struggling today. Celebrate Be an Angel Day, be an angel in their life by helping them recover from abuse.
  • Elon plans to remove the Block function from Twitter (X) – A potentially unsafe decision.
    Elon Musk made an announcement that X (aka Twitter) will be removing the block feature for public posts, leaving the function only available for direct messages. Elon is – frankly – wrong.