• Julie & Din’s Ride for Awareness is coming this January!
    Julie & Din are joining the OCSE mission and riding for awareness on January 7th 2022. Help us make it safer for survivors by supporting us.
  • An Open Letter to the Volunteers of Operation Safe Escape
    I already sent a version of this letter to each of the volunteers with Operation Safe Escape, but I thought it was worth sharing openly as well.
  • The Starfish Story
    You may be familiar with the starfish story, a reminder of how one person can make a difference. In the story, a man was walking along the beach after a heavy storm. During the storm, debris from the sea washed up on the shore- seaweed, driftwood, and various shells adorned the moist sand. In the…
  • Domestic Violence Knows No Gender, Race, Age, Status
    Trigger warning: non-graphic statistics on assault and sexual violence. Just a few decades ago, domestic violence simply wasn’t something that people talked about. Abuse within the home was considered to be a private family matter, except for when it was portrayed for comedic purposes in television and advertisements. By the 1960s, scholars and social service…
  • Volunteering with Operation Safe Escape
    We’re a huge organization of hackers, makers, and security expert that work together to help survivors of stalking, harassment, and domestic violence escape and stay safe after they do. To do this, we provide forensics and investigation services to help survivors get legal assistance, security education and rescue ops, seminars and direct assistance for support…