• National Be an Angel Day is TODAY!!!!!!
    Someone you know is struggling today. Celebrate Be an Angel Day, be an angel in their life by helping them recover from abuse.
  • Elon plans to remove the Block function from Twitter (X) – A potentially unsafe decision.
    Elon Musk made an announcement that X (aka Twitter) will be removing the block feature for public posts, leaving the function only available for direct messages. Elon is – frankly – wrong.
  • Our Commitment to Equality
    Equality, diversity, and safety are important in May. They’re also important in July. But June is when we celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month- a time when we should all reaffirm our commitment to treating human beings equally and with the dignity they deserve. But, more importantly, that commitment needs to be firmly and unwaveringly held every…
  • Password recovery questions: who already knows your mother’s maiden name?
    We’ve all been there- you go to log into a website and realize that you just can’t remember your password. And it’s not like you can easily guess it, because your probably used a strong password rather than something insecure like your dog’s name (right?). So you click that little link that says “forgot password”…
  • Set your own PACE
    In some professions, communication is important. In the military and public services, for example, they use what’s called a PACE plan to make sure they always have a way to send a critical message when time’s a factor. And you can, too. PACE stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency. In other words, it’s a…