In addition to our regular online and in-person client and partner support, Operation Safe Escape also supports numerous initiatives

Go Ask Rose is the client-facing site designed to complement other outreach and assistance efforts. It’s a resource that people can use even if they’re not ready to talk to someone about their concerns.




Public Safety Training

We provide custom training and coaching for public safety to help them address common security concerns faced by victims of domestic violence and related crimes.

Safe House and Shelter Training Program

Many safe houses and shelters are operated by volunteers who don’t have a security background. Others are run by organizations and groups that have a specific focus, but need support for their security programs. We provide assistance to all such groups, including physical security, CPTED, OPSEC, and computer security.

Industry Bridging

We believe information needs to go both ways. While it’s important to provide information from security experts to those that need it most, it’s also important to help the various security communities understand the needs of vulnerable and underserved populations. Our mission is to provide a voice for survivors of domestic violence.