Operation: Safe Escape News

You deserve to be treated with love, respect, and dignity.

If anyone is telling you otherwise, they're not looking out for your best interest

Just a reminder that OSE doesn't discriminate based on age, nationality, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, race, or any other factor.

We don't report immigration status.

We believe you.

Would you like to help people impacted by domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and human trafficking, but don't have a security or technical background?

There's still plenty of ways you can help people stay safe and rebuild their lives!


@tarah Mental health training: https://www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org/take-a-course/

Tech facilitated abuse technical help: @OSPASafeEscape

Help fight tech facilitated violence at corporate scale: @StopStalkerware

You (yes you! reading this right now!): you got this 💓

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