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Operation: Safe Escape News

Upcoming Business OSINT Courses!(All EST):
11/1 : 1-7PM
11/30 & 12/1: 6-9PM
12/5: 1-7PM

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In times of change and mental health is at the forefront, I felt I should share a powerful post on domestic violence. Whether you are female or male it is not ok. Remember you are not alone, reach out and do not suffer in silence.#domesticabuse #emotionalabuse #youarenotalone

"Stalkerware companies are already frequently breaking laws. By purchasing stalkerware apps and using them to surveil someone, the user is almost certainly breaking several laws."


Stalkerware app developers will stick to the letter of the law and look for any loophole to get away with developing and selling apps for tracking non-consenting partners. Despite the rules, they're still advertising on google using "code words"

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