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Security professionals helping vulnerable

populations escape abuse and harassment

What We Do
Operation Safe Escape is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that assists victims of domestic violence and associated crimes. We Educate and train victims in various methods of personal, physical, and digital safety, help them to Escape their abusers by erasing their digital footprint and protecting themselves in the real world, and Empower them by working to increase their privacy and overall safety.

Provide training and resources to allies and supporters

Show people new ways to keep themselves and their children safe online, at home, or anywhere else

Help social services, shelter and safe houses, and law enforcement keep survivors safe no matter where they are


Work with the individual and their support system to help them plan their escape

Make sure they make it out and get to a safe place

Help protect support systems and allies

Leverage partnerships to make sure resources are available at no cost


Escape isn’t enough. The person needs to stay safe and be empowered to make their own choices about where to live and who they wish to allow in their lives

Being safe is important; feeling safe is important, too

Everyone deserves a choice. Everyone deserves a voice

Facts about domestic violence


men and women are abused by an intimate partner every minute in the United States


of murder-suicides involve an intimate partner

1 in 15

children are exposed to intimate partner violence each year

1 in 11

men and women have been injured by an intimate partner

Someone you know is impacted by these statistics. A colleague. A friend. A neighbor. Someone in your life needs help. Learn more about the problem.

How you can help

Join a community of security professionals across all disciplines, dedicated to helping those that need it the most.

Do you or someone you know need help? Check out our client site, Go Ask Rose.

Pillars of Support


First, we work with individuals to help them develop secure communications, which is often the first time they’ve talked to loved ones in years. This starts to break the cycle of control and isolation, and it gives them a voice once again. Then, we  start helping the individual plan plan their escape, even with their children and pets. Our support doesn’t end until they finally feel safe again.

Support Systems

Everyone needs a place they feel safe. We work with the person’s support system to help them protect their loved one by concealing their location and providing assistance without alerting the abuser. We also work with domestic violence shelters and safe houses, social services, and advocacy groups to help them protect their clients. We provide the security layer so they can focus on what they do best.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is often the first contact victims of domestic violence have with a larger mechanism that exists to help them. Unfortunately, many officers and agencies report that they’re not equipped to address even some of the fundamental security concerns affecting victims of domestic violence. We provide assistance and training to help close the knowledge gap between law enforcement and abusers.

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